History of Heels - Origins of Helled Shoes

Modern designs of heeled shoes managed to find themselves into the wardrobes of almost every female across the world. Among them, court, stilettos and kitten shoes distinguished themselves for their striking designs, popularity and ability to imbue women who wear them with undeniable sex appeal.

Red Shoes

History of Stiletto Heels

History of women footwear was forever changed during 1954 when French designed Roger Vivier shocked the world with the introduction of his incredibly sexy and fashionable Stiletto heels. Here you can find out more about this incredible shoe design and how it managed to shape our modern history.

Kitten Shoes Origins

History of Kitten Heels

History of Kitten Heels is very closely connected to the first introduction of Stiletto shoes that were at that time viewed as one of the most extreme examples of showing-off female sexuality. To combat that perception, designers soon created Kitten Heels who became instant hit for the women of all ages.

High Heel Shoes Origins

History of Pumps/Court Shoes

One of the most famous high heel design of shoes known as Pumps is some corner of the world had a really interesting journey through our history. Here you can read how Court Shoes were transformed from the integral part of the royal attire in France to one of the most common and popular high heel shoes in the world.

Heel Shoes