Historical High-Heeled Shoes

High-heeled shoes managed to forge for themselves a very important place in the history of modern fashion. They influenced politics, worldwide fashion, and were for the long times integral social item of royalty, high class of people, and eventually everyone. Witness this incredible journey here.

High Heel Shoes Modern

History of High-Heeled Shoes

History of high-heeled shoes is long and interesting one. From the ancient civilizations where only royalty had the means to wear them, to the modern times where Stilettos can be found on every woman leg, this fascinating style of shoes never stopped to evolve and spread its influence over the entire world.

Buskin Shoes

History of Buskin Shoes

Fashion styles, environmental conditions and easy access to certain basic materials enabled Ancient Greece and Byzantia to promote and safeguard one of the most unique shoe designs ever made – Buskin shoes. Here you can find out its interesting history and the mark it left on our modern culture.

Pattens Shoes

History of Patten Shoes

Patten Shoes played a very big role in the footwear history in a time when slow-moving and conservative European medieval fashion moved to the more colorful and innovation expansion that came with Renaissance. Here you can find out more about these historic shoes.

Chopine Shoes

History of Chopine

One of the first and most influential high heeled shoes of early European history is Chopine. With its high soles, it first enabled nobility to walk on public places without soiling their expensive clothes, but soon fashion took over and Chopines soon transformed into many forms of shoes that we know today.

Cowboy Boots

History of Cowboy Boots

One of the most famous clothing items of North American history is without a doubt Cowboy Boots, which started their life as basic part of military attire during American Civil War but soon become integral part of rancher and cowboy lifestyle.

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