History of Footwear - Origins

From the dawn of modern humans, shoes represented very important part of our history. They enabled us to survive in non-optimal environments, do jobs in with greater proficiency, protected our health, gave us comfort and were incredible tools for showcasing our fashion sense. And all of that happened even before Ancient Greece was formed!

Shoes on Tree

History of Shoes

Shoes are one of the few manmade items who followed us all the way from our birthplaces in Africa and snow covered Europe during the last Ice Age, to the modern times when thousands shoe types and designs are present in every moment of our daily lives.

Black Shoes

Shoes Timeline

Shoes were with us from the moment our ancestors exited Africa and started their journey to all four corners of the world, and they never left us ever since. Here you can see for yourself the timeline of the most important events when shoes managed to left permanent mark on our history.

Heel Shoes History

Timeline of High-heeled Shoes

High-heeled shoes always managed to attract the most attention from fashion designers and wide variety of people who wanted to wear them. Here you can find out how high-heeled shoes traveled through our history and affected the lives of people from entire world.

Antique Footwear